Drenched In Wine

I'm Emily. I'm 19. And I don't know what I'm doing with my life.


stop for just one second.

think about all the people you’ve secretly had a crush on. all the people you’ve found attractive, but never said anything to. every stranger you’ve temporarily fallen in love with on public transportation. all the people you’ve dreamt of and thought of in the early mornings.

and now take a moment to realize that you have been this person for so many people… and you have no idea.

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songs by florence and the machine make me feel like i need to run barefoot through a misty forest wearing a flower crown

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best modern family scene ever

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Drink too much coffee, wear lipstick that’s too dark, and never settle for a life you don’t want.

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Me as a parent

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Florence + Cape

"I know. I’m very hard to talk to. I realize that."

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